Musician and Teacher
Immersive In-Ear Monitoring
Live Sound Engineer

Since 2009 I am addicted to everything that produces sounds somehow. Here is a list of some projects and milestones that influenced me in an incomparable way:

  • musical direction with 

    JUMP! Liveband

      since 2014
  • luftsprung live

     Aktion Luftsprung / Popakademie Mannheim
  • elengee

    project band
  • lovely gigs with CRASHTAPE*
  • first radio hit with german pop quintet ALLEINZUVIERT 
  • several years of Big Band including some musical productions
  • bachelor degree in electronic engineering // interaction technologies and design

Addicted to good sound.

Live Sound

From living mixings and recordings to 19" talks which helps to place songs into the right sound bed. I have no doubts that it's worth it, to bring the same degree of details from studios to live venues. Always with the aim to get the best possible result for listeners, musicians and colleagues or records.

Remote Recordings

Of course I can also record high quality bass recordings from remote to support your mix. All we need is a rough mix and your idea how the bassline should feature the song!

Monitor Engineer

3D In-Ear enables a perfect ambience, while playing the show of our lives. Happy musicians, who hear every little detail are a key factor, so let us get together at an early stage.

Bass Lessons

After more than a decade on my main instrument, I still and always appreciate to get and share new ideas. This can range from bass lessons on a specific themes, techniques or genres, but also just nerd talk about more or less helpful pedalboard effects.



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JUMP! Liveband



Chris Beck mit JUMP! Liveband - Stefan Auerswald (c)

Birthday OnStage


Livesound (Sound&Vision)


Coffe on Nord


Ambience Love


Orchestral Monitoring (Sundern)

Foto by Bene Ziegler (c)

Luftsprung Live


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